Daniel Higgs & Michael Zerang Duo

Daniel Higgs & Michael Zerang Duo | Kelly Jayne Jones
Sun 29th June | 7:30pm-10:30pm
Montgomery Theatre Studio | Sheffield

Tinnutus Jukebox/ Peak Signal 2 Noise present….
….in collaboration with Kato Bookbird

Zerang Higgs Duo

ADVANCE TICKETS £7 (full) £5 (conc) + booking fee
TICKETS on door £9 (full) £7 (conc)
facebook event

In the elegant studio of the Montgomery Theatre, right in the heart of Sheffield…. An ultra-rare appearance in Sheffield for either of these two masters of sonic journeys….

Daniel Higgs and Michael Zerang join their energies in this special duo project, bringing together diverse musical worlds through improvisation and folk forms, all with an deep, ecstatic underpinning. Their near-telepathic ability to communicate in long musical forms, and their ability to reach deep within to create indelible, sonic landscapes, make this pairing wonderful and unique.

Daniel A.I.U. Higgs, interdimensional song-seamstress and corpse-dancer of the Mystic Crags was born in the harbour city of Baltimore, USA in the early-mid sixties of the previous millennium. Having begun singing 25 years ago, he is perhaps best known as the singer and lyricist of the band Lungfish, which is now, as it often has been, quasi if not entirely defunct. Presently, the music Daniel manifests proceeds without the blessing/curse and help/hindrance of collaborative influence. Until NOW!

Michael Zerang is a Chicago based composer, percussionist, and improvisor that has collaborated with an ever-widening pool of innovative musicians since 1976, in the fields of free jazz, experimental, noise, and world music. He was a member for 14 years of the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, Survival Unit III ( with Joe McPhee and Fred Lonberg-Holm), Winter Solstice Duo Concerts with Hamid Drake, and with the creative music ensembles, Liof Munimula and Friction Brothers, as well as many others.

Support: Kelly Jayne Jones
One half of Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides, Kelly works with sonic textures from her sound archive that is constantly evolving. Inspiration is taken from the recording of sounds from rocks, concrete, ritualistic sound making objects. Balance / unbalance, harmony / disharmony and experimenting with combinations. She has performed at Colour Out of Space, Tusk, Cafe Oto, Singing Knives, Supersonic, ICA London and has exhibited work in various projects at Tate Modern, Museum of Modern Art NY, dOCUMENTA 13. KJJ has released limited edition vinyl, cassette and CD.

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Skronking-stonking fire-music free-jazz… Italian style…..

Jooklo Duo (IT) // Gelba (IT) // Dave Jackson (UK)

Thurs 13th March, Queens Social Club, Sheffield


TJ have teamed up with the ever inspirational Singing Knives Records to bring you an evening of more saxophone-based outer-space sonic research….. after we all picked our jaws up off the floor after seeing Jooklo Duo play at Colour Out Of Space festival last Nov, we casually (ahem…) asked them to come and grace us in Sheffield… and they said yes…..!! https://www.facebook.com/events/527123394053608/


Virginia Genta (saxophones) and David Vanzan (drums) have been bringing their intense and mesmerizing music all over the world since 2003. The duo’s work is a totally personal research that has been described as the most powerful expression in “free music” nowadays, transcending every kind of definition and going straight to the source of energy.

“Boss Italian woodwinds/drum duo who skronk the big bulb of freedom as hard as anyone. The overblowing is as insane as either of Borbetomagus’s lips-guys, so it vibes like a collision between them and Flaherty/Corsano duo or something. Raw, loose, jibbery.” Byron Coley


Gelba is an improv project founded in 2011 by Michele Mazzani (tape loops, guitar, keyboards) and Matteo Poggi (guitar, fx, tapes). The duo performs an intense set based on visionary field recordings caught on high mountain ridges, complex guitar solutions, and arcane tape loops reprocessed to infinity.


“Dave Jackson free-squeeks the alto sax into Patty Waters/Yoko Ono’s attic…. – Julian Cope

“classic squee-pileage in the post-ESP tradition….. loose sonic collisions and and interwoven blather in ripely extended fire-form, all revolving around theories of meat and its ability to burn. Solid, savage blurt.” – Thurston Moore/Byron Coley Bull Tongue – Arthur Magazine

Playing improvised music since a teenager in the late 70′s, Dave’s approach has always been one of primitivist abstract expressionism. He has played with, amongst others, Eddie Prevost, Chris Corsano, Assif Tsahar, Graham Clark, Carlos Zingaro, Jeffrey Morgan, Steve Belger, Phil Marks, John Edwards, Adrian Northover, Olie Brice, Fonik, Warrington Improvised Music Collective, Psychiatric Challenge, Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, John Russell, Rhodri Davies, Paul Rutherford, Frakture Big Band, Noise Upstairs, Sonic Pleasure & THF Drenching, Brian Benson, Nick Mitchell, Barry Dean, Open Eye Ensemble, Kelley Jones, Pascal Nichols, Dave Birchall, Richard Harrison, Graham Massey, Semay Wu, Andy Gill, John Scott, Danny Saul, Paralysis, Withoutlaw, Sannyasin, WMD Sax Trio, NOW Sextet, Hulme Arts Collective, Buddha Shakya, Tilak Magar, Mara Bhaja.

Rare & Racy, 164-6, Devonshire St, Sheffield, S3 7SG
£7 (£5 concessions)

£9 (£7 concs)

Queens Social Club, Queens Road, Sheffield, S2 4DG
5 mins walk from train/bus station, free parking

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Dead Neanderthals w/ Colin Webster

Gig incoming……………… Sat 1st Feb………….. @ The Audacious Art Experiment

Dead Neanderthals

Time for some seriously enticing free-jazz-noise-grind mayhem to obliterate the January mega-blues….

Dead Neanderthals: Dutch free jazz/grindcore/noise duo… (Otto Kokke, sax / Rene Aquarius, drums) bring their awesome rages to Sheffield for the first time…. Described as slamming in somewhere between Brotzmann and Painkiller, these cave-beings have been touring all over Europe these past few months causing true sonic mayhem…

….playing with their British brother-in-noise Colin Webster (Sax) with whom they have just released ‘… And it ended badly’ on Gaffer Records to great acclaim.

A previous interview with The Quieteus, and full tour listings.

No Thumbs: Catastrophic elation confrontation… from Jon Marshall (The Hunter Gracchus, Roman Nose) and Pascal Ansell (Panelak).

Now with added…. visual noisy playground-messy experimentation courtesy of Luke Poot (kinda like Cooking with Mother, but not quite…) and eargrinding in-between tunes from Jason Hughes!

£5 waged / £3 concessions on the door – BYO

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Ken Vandermark / Paal Nilssen-Love DUO in Sheffield 22nd Oct 2013

KV        PNL

Vandermark/Nilssen-Love DUO   //   Beck Hunters   //   Trans/Human   // Singing Knives DJs

Tues 22nd October, Queens Social Club, 4 Queens Road, Sheffield, S2 4DG
Doors 7:30pm, start 8:15pm (change to flyers)

Tickets: £7/5 (conc) advance,  online via WeGotTickets http://www.wegottickets.com/event/233388 or in person from Rare and Racy, Division Street, Sheffield; £9/7 (conc) on the door

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/373651432760587/

Venue: Taking place in the resplendent 60s-original Queens Social Club, this will be a table/chairs event with the Duo playing on the club floor. Queens is just 5 mins stroll from the train and coach stations. Free parking also available at the venue.

The Vandermark / Nilssen-Love DUO steam into the city of Sheffield for the first time, in their only UK gig outside of London – a real coup for our fair city! Both internationally acclaimed powerful free-jazz improvisers, the pair have been playing together in multifarious guises since back in 2000, in the group School Days. The DUO evolved soon after, and was ‘consummated’ in 2002 with the recording of the album Dual Pleasure. This was followed by their first live duo appearance at Molde International Jazz Festival.

Alongside regular tours as the Duo, Vandermark (clarinet/sax) and Nilssen-Love (drums/percussion) collaborate across a bewilderingly diverse range of projects. They toured multiple times with the now lamentably on-ice Brotzmann Tentet, have performed as the mightily heavy and abstract Lean Left with Terrie Ex and Andy Moor from The EX, as well as part of their wider group, The EX and Brass Unbound.

Both Vandermark and Nilssen-Love maintain a complex roster of live/recording outlets too numerous to name here; Vandermark notably The Vandermark Five, DKV Trio and most recently RARA AVIS. Nilssen-Love, who started playing drums before he could walk, has a staggeringly diverse range of collaborations from Joe McPhee, to noise-jazz-punk hybrids The Thing.

Beck Hunters: Featuring Mick Beck, Sheffield’s finest and most tantalising free-jazz improviser  (sax/bassoon/whistles). Beck is stalwart of the Sheffield improvising scene, and his extraordinary life was recently documented in the documentary film ‘Mick Beck – Rather Different’. He recently played as part of the Mopomso tour in Sheffield, and his legendary home gig venue ‘Over The Top’ was featured on Jazz on 3 earlier this year. Joined by Jonny (drums) and Anton (guitar) Hunter, key players and organiser in the Northern improv/free music scene this promises to be an electrifying performance.

Trans/Human: Adam Denton and Luke Twyman began collaborating under the name Trans/Human at The Audacious Art Experiment in Sheffield during 2011. Employing several noise making devices and techniques in their performances, including mobile phones, radio, cassette tape, prepared electric guitar, processed drums, strobe lighting, contact microphones, field recordings and feedback systems, Trans/Human’s concerns lie within the physical act of music making and its relationship to environment and audience. Opening the night, they will warp the atmosphere in the room and prepare it for the sonic freakery to come!

Singing Knives Records DJs: playing a morass of tunes between sets to keep you ears on their toes….

A Tinnitus Jukebox event in collaboration with the newly formed filmmaking collective Peak Signal 2 Noise www.facebook.com/tinnitusjukebox

KV PNL poster

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Trans/Human and the AMRL… seeking out Trans/missions

The Audacious Mobile Research Library… a solar powered re/search mobile home… gathering, collating, assimilating and re/distributing  radio waves, CB chatter, galactic frequencies and other disturbances…. Re/dressing the balance between broad-cast and local-cast…

Filmed on a research tour in 2013 of the Scottish Highlands and Lochs, and back to Paradise Square in Sheffield, the site of the former city gallows… Re/transmitting the data in public spaces, merging with the audience…

Trans/Human  //  The Audacious Art Experiment  //  Tinnitus Jukebox

Additional footage by Guy Smith and Josh

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Justice Yeldham live @ Supersonic Festival 2012

Turntablist and visual artist Lucas Abela (aka Justice Yeldham) excels at an instrument we cannot be sure anyone else plays or has even thought of… A long evolution from playing physically altered records led onto fixing contact mics to pieces of discarded broken glass and vocally manipulating them to produce astounding and often terrifyingly beautiful sounds/noise… (there is a logical progression, believe us… as you will be able to see in our forthcoming documentary on Lucas and his Vinyl Rally)

Check out Yeldham’s full performance at Supersonic Festival, Birmingham, 2012 and witness the wondrously maniacal artistry for yourself….

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Disposal – Trans/Aktion performance @ Connect the Dots

Disposal – a euphoric and bleak exploration of of the interface between noise and pain… performed by Trans/Human (Luke Twyman and Adam Denton of The Audacious Art Experiment) with Nick Kilby, performance artist and aktionist…..

Performed at Connect the Dots, Sheffield, 20th April 2013.

Prepare to be amazed… not for the faint hearted….

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Noisefest 2013 – watch our short promo!

It’s nearly time for DRMK Noisefest again – this year on Friday 12th and Sat 13th April 2013… once again at the wonderful Club Menza Pri Koritu, in awe-inspiring Metelkova Mesto, Ljubljana, Slovenia. If you’ve never visited Metelkova, you have no idea what you’re missing….

Watch out short promo filmed at the 2010 Noisefest here to give you and idea of what may lie in store this year….


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Filming Lucas Abela’s Vinyl rally

Time-lapse of the build and our new doc under way

What a wonderful way to spend a week…. crawling about in dirt and puddles beneath a dank and cold rail viaduct in Digbeth, Birmingham, and helping to construct another of the international re-incarnations of The Vinyl Rally. This mutant Scalextric brain-baby was brought into glorious existence by Lucas Abela (AKA Justice Yeldham, DJ Small Cock, Peeled Hearts Paste) and has tempted and delighted audiences all over the world since… including Australia, Germany, Portugal, France, Belgium, Austria, Holland. And thankfully, last weekend (19th-21st October 2012) it made its way to the superb Supersonic Festival in Birmingham.

Imagine a giant racetrack made out of milk crates and wood, tarmacked over with endless vinyl… 2 remote control cars, mounted with a camera upfront and a contact mic/wire brush at the back… connected to 2 old arcade consoles, with steering wheel, gear stick, pedals, a giant plasma screen, vibrating seat and getting on for 20 different sound effect switches/knobs to play with… are you excited yet???

Lucas was happy for us to come along and the film the Rally… and we soon realised that seeing the whole beast take shape was unmissable. Starting on the Monday, I bobbed down to Brum, and commenced filming work. As the delivery of over 1000 milk crates (from Wales bizarrely) arrived that afternoon we set the GoPro rolling in time-lapse mode… and then I pitched in with the kind of life-size Lego build I dreamt of as a child. Reluctantly, I had to head back to Sheffield for the next two days, but left the GoPro to Lucas’s fertile imagination…

I arrived back on Thursday morning to find the main track structure built and the vinyl attachment well under way. I was honoured to be lent an electric screwdriver, and leapt (carefully) onto the plywood to get stuck in. There was something incredibly therapeutic about carefully layering countless 12″s across the track, and it was one of the most bizarre musical experiences I have ever encountered. Kind of like browsing the record sections in all the charity shops you’ve ever been in at once…. Barry Manilow…. happy hardcore…. Pink Floyd…. Mahler…. Captain Beefheart… Whitesnake live (apparently one of Lucas’ favourites!). The GoPro captured the build across the four and half days and you can see the results in the clip below…

We spent the rest of the weekend (between beers and bands) gathering footage to make a short documentary on Lucas and his work. The festival crowds interacting with the installation was a sight to behold – both driving skills and noise generating/warping skills – folks couldn’t get enough! We also got some pretty hair raising footage of Lucas’ performance as his glass blowing/licking/chewing/snogging alter ego Justice Yeldham on the Sunday evening, and a couple of lovely interviews where he went into great depth about the development of his ideas over the years… watch this space… this is going to be fun!


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Phil Minton and Gossip Hags @ Bishops’ House, Sheffield

Singing Knives Records have chosen their venue well, and the performers make full use of the the intimate and historic Bishops’ House, located at the top of Meersbrook Park, overlooking the city of Sheffield.

See all the photos… here.







Surrounded by agricultural artefacts and stuffed birds, newly formed duo Gossip Hags (Fiona Kennedy of The Hunter Gracchus, and Ben Knight of Helhesten) begin by teasing sounds from the undulating and centuries-worn wooden floor with their footwear and plastic cups. The application of contact mics to a range of paraphernalia and water filled vessels builds the tension. Suddenly a set of bag pipes is hoisted aloft, and Ben and Fiona grab an end each, and commence a fitful and fierce duel of drone-pipe blowing. Never have bagpipes sounded so good….








After this welcome outburst, we wander next door, where Phil Minton settles into an innocuous dining chair infront of the regal fireplace. He takes of his glasses, closes his eyes… and lets his inner vocal cacophony rip free, buzzing around and swooping down on our heads. The room is so small that even without amplification we can hear every tortured breath. At times his hands tremble and twitch as if sewing, or mixing an fearsome concoction; at other moments he disinitegrates into fits of delicious dreamer-like laughter, only to snap back to stern groans. All the while eyes tightly shut and bolt upright in his seat. Then suddenly he’s back – he smiles, pops his specs on, and he’s back to charming cockney bloke. Blimey…







But there’s more to come. A short interlude later and Luke Poot pulls up a chair by the fireplace. On Phil’s cue, he bows his head, and they enter into a dual feast of whimpering, sniffling, squealing, chattering, gibbering and other such glorious sounds. Ah… the delight to be had from other people’s cries….


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