Trans/Human and the AMRL… seeking out Trans/missions

The Audacious Mobile Research Library… a solar powered re/search mobile home… gathering, collating, assimilating and re/distributing  radio waves, CB chatter, galactic frequencies and other disturbances…. Re/dressing the balance between broad-cast and local-cast…

Filmed on a research tour in 2013 of the Scottish Highlands and Lochs, and back to Paradise Square in Sheffield, the site of the former city gallows… Re/transmitting the data in public spaces, merging with the audience…

Trans/Human  //  The Audacious Art Experiment  //  Tinnitus Jukebox

Additional footage by Guy Smith and Josh

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One Response to Trans/Human and the AMRL… seeking out Trans/missions

  1. Clelia says:

    Dear Trans/Human, TAAE and Tinnitus Jukepeople,
    I want you to know that I shared your stuff and it inspired people, in fact, it inspired inspiring people (in particular the AMRL) , I would like to share it with you, would you contact me, anyone interested involved in this and moved to find out more?
    Remember you are groundbreaking :) x

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