Skronking-stonking fire-music free-jazz… Italian style…..

Jooklo Duo (IT) // Gelba (IT) // Dave Jackson (UK)

Thurs 13th March, Queens Social Club, Sheffield


TJ have teamed up with the ever inspirational Singing Knives Records to bring you an evening of more saxophone-based outer-space sonic research….. after we all picked our jaws up off the floor after seeing Jooklo Duo play at Colour Out Of Space festival last Nov, we casually (ahem…) asked them to come and grace us in Sheffield… and they said yes…..!!


Virginia Genta (saxophones) and David Vanzan (drums) have been bringing their intense and mesmerizing music all over the world since 2003. The duo’s work is a totally personal research that has been described as the most powerful expression in “free music” nowadays, transcending every kind of definition and going straight to the source of energy.

“Boss Italian woodwinds/drum duo who skronk the big bulb of freedom as hard as anyone. The overblowing is as insane as either of Borbetomagus’s lips-guys, so it vibes like a collision between them and Flaherty/Corsano duo or something. Raw, loose, jibbery.” Byron Coley


Gelba is an improv project founded in 2011 by Michele Mazzani (tape loops, guitar, keyboards) and Matteo Poggi (guitar, fx, tapes). The duo performs an intense set based on visionary field recordings caught on high mountain ridges, complex guitar solutions, and arcane tape loops reprocessed to infinity.


“Dave Jackson free-squeeks the alto sax into Patty Waters/Yoko Ono’s attic…. – Julian Cope

“classic squee-pileage in the post-ESP tradition….. loose sonic collisions and and interwoven blather in ripely extended fire-form, all revolving around theories of meat and its ability to burn. Solid, savage blurt.” – Thurston Moore/Byron Coley Bull Tongue – Arthur Magazine

Playing improvised music since a teenager in the late 70′s, Dave’s approach has always been one of primitivist abstract expressionism. He has played with, amongst others, Eddie Prevost, Chris Corsano, Assif Tsahar, Graham Clark, Carlos Zingaro, Jeffrey Morgan, Steve Belger, Phil Marks, John Edwards, Adrian Northover, Olie Brice, Fonik, Warrington Improvised Music Collective, Psychiatric Challenge, Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, John Russell, Rhodri Davies, Paul Rutherford, Frakture Big Band, Noise Upstairs, Sonic Pleasure & THF Drenching, Brian Benson, Nick Mitchell, Barry Dean, Open Eye Ensemble, Kelley Jones, Pascal Nichols, Dave Birchall, Richard Harrison, Graham Massey, Semay Wu, Andy Gill, John Scott, Danny Saul, Paralysis, Withoutlaw, Sannyasin, WMD Sax Trio, NOW Sextet, Hulme Arts Collective, Buddha Shakya, Tilak Magar, Mara Bhaja.

Rare & Racy, 164-6, Devonshire St, Sheffield, S3 7SG
£7 (£5 concessions)

£9 (£7 concs)

Queens Social Club, Queens Road, Sheffield, S2 4DG
5 mins walk from train/bus station, free parking

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