Noisefest 2013 – watch our short promo!

It’s nearly time for DRMK Noisefest again – this year on Friday 12th and Sat 13th April 2013… once again at the wonderful Club Menza Pri Koritu, in awe-inspiring Metelkova Mesto, Ljubljana, Slovenia. If you’ve never visited Metelkova, you have no idea what you’re missing….

Watch out short promo filmed at the 2010 Noisefest here to give you and idea of what may lie in store this year….


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Filming Lucas Abela’s Vinyl rally

Time-lapse of the build and our new doc under way

What a wonderful way to spend a week…. crawling about in dirt and puddles beneath a dank and cold rail viaduct in Digbeth, Birmingham, and helping to construct another of the international re-incarnations of The Vinyl Rally. This mutant Scalextric brain-baby was brought into glorious existence by Lucas Abela (AKA Justice Yeldham, DJ Small Cock, Peeled Hearts Paste) and has tempted and delighted audiences all over the world since… including Australia, Germany, Portugal, France, Belgium, Austria, Holland. And thankfully, last weekend (19th-21st October 2012) it made its way to the superb Supersonic Festival in Birmingham.

Imagine a giant racetrack made out of milk crates and wood, tarmacked over with endless vinyl… 2 remote control cars, mounted with a camera upfront and a contact mic/wire brush at the back… connected to 2 old arcade consoles, with steering wheel, gear stick, pedals, a giant plasma screen, vibrating seat and getting on for 20 different sound effect switches/knobs to play with… are you excited yet???

Lucas was happy for us to come along and the film the Rally… and we soon realised that seeing the whole beast take shape was unmissable. Starting on the Monday, I bobbed down to Brum, and commenced filming work. As the delivery of over 1000 milk crates (from Wales bizarrely) arrived that afternoon we set the GoPro rolling in time-lapse mode… and then I pitched in with the kind of life-size Lego build I dreamt of as a child. Reluctantly, I had to head back to Sheffield for the next two days, but left the GoPro to Lucas’s fertile imagination…

I arrived back on Thursday morning to find the main track structure built and the vinyl attachment well under way. I was honoured to be lent an electric screwdriver, and leapt (carefully) onto the plywood to get stuck in. There was something incredibly therapeutic about carefully layering countless 12″s across the track, and it was one of the most bizarre musical experiences I have ever encountered. Kind of like browsing the record sections in all the charity shops you’ve ever been in at once…. Barry Manilow…. happy hardcore…. Pink Floyd…. Mahler…. Captain Beefheart… Whitesnake live (apparently one of Lucas’ favourites!). The GoPro captured the build across the four and half days and you can see the results in the clip below…

We spent the rest of the weekend (between beers and bands) gathering footage to make a short documentary on Lucas and his work. The festival crowds interacting with the installation was a sight to behold – both driving skills and noise generating/warping skills – folks couldn’t get enough! We also got some pretty hair raising footage of Lucas’ performance as his glass blowing/licking/chewing/snogging alter ego Justice Yeldham on the Sunday evening, and a couple of lovely interviews where he went into great depth about the development of his ideas over the years… watch this space… this is going to be fun!


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Phil Minton and Gossip Hags @ Bishops’ House, Sheffield

Singing Knives Records have chosen their venue well, and the performers make full use of the the intimate and historic Bishops’ House, located at the top of Meersbrook Park, overlooking the city of Sheffield.

See all the photos… here.







Surrounded by agricultural artefacts and stuffed birds, newly formed duo Gossip Hags (Fiona Kennedy of The Hunter Gracchus, and Ben Knight of Helhesten) begin by teasing sounds from the undulating and centuries-worn wooden floor with their footwear and plastic cups. The application of contact mics to a range of paraphernalia and water filled vessels builds the tension. Suddenly a set of bag pipes is hoisted aloft, and Ben and Fiona grab an end each, and commence a fitful and fierce duel of drone-pipe blowing. Never have bagpipes sounded so good….








After this welcome outburst, we wander next door, where Phil Minton settles into an innocuous dining chair infront of the regal fireplace. He takes of his glasses, closes his eyes… and lets his inner vocal cacophony rip free, buzzing around and swooping down on our heads. The room is so small that even without amplification we can hear every tortured breath. At times his hands tremble and twitch as if sewing, or mixing an fearsome concoction; at other moments he disinitegrates into fits of delicious dreamer-like laughter, only to snap back to stern groans. All the while eyes tightly shut and bolt upright in his seat. Then suddenly he’s back – he smiles, pops his specs on, and he’s back to charming cockney bloke. Blimey…







But there’s more to come. A short interlude later and Luke Poot pulls up a chair by the fireplace. On Phil’s cue, he bows his head, and they enter into a dual feast of whimpering, sniffling, squealing, chattering, gibbering and other such glorious sounds. Ah… the delight to be had from other people’s cries….


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Noisefest 2012 & Noisefest documentary ‘sneak peek’ screening

The 12th Noisefest, organised by Slovenian DIY collective DRMK took place again in the deliriously inspiring creative haven of Metelkova Mesto. Warmly hosted by club Menza Pri Koritu, the festival saw 2 nights of diverse and extreme sounds, plus a selection of video projections. Noise junkies from across Europe were welcomed back with open ears…

The event also saw a special preview of the documentary Tinnitus Jukebox filmed of Noisefest… final edits to be made forthwith… and then it will be unleashed in noisy glory upon the all world… watch this space…… In the meantime you can watch some videos of full-length performances here that are included (edited) in the main film.

Photos from 2012 can be found here








Links to the performers…

Fri night: Luxury MolluscOntervjabbitHoehenkontrolle … Narayan & Lunar DawnPascal Cretain (video performance)…

Sat night: Tinnitus Jukebox (Noisefest documentary) … Jesus Himself (video projection) … Mould … Astma …          7 Minutes of NauseaHermetic Brisk



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Kylesa @ The Well, Leeds, 21st Feb 2012

This is now the fifth time I’ve seen Kylesa live, but every time they somehow find the capacity to deliver even more intensity. The artistry and aggression is palpable, and bears down upon us all… the crowd are propelled into a manic frenzy. An encore of Running Red followed by Where the Horizon Unfolds leaves me with emotional scars that last for days – bliss! According to Laura they are about to record their next album – so can’t wait to see them back on our shores again soon with new material…

See all the photos here…

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Acid Mothers Temple, Manchester

A murky foggy drive across Snake Pass from Sheffield to a bitingly cold Manchester on a Monday evening… all infinitely worth it for the hypnotic frenzy induced by Acid Mothers Temple… all lack of warmth was swiftly corrected, and ultimately acts of self-combustion delivered exactly what was needed by the end of the night…

Beard Rock have a very evocative review of the night here… featuring one of Cathy’s photos. You can see all the photos of AMT here











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Lean Left @ Cafe OTO, Sep 2011

Pictures from Lean Left residency Sep 11/12 2011 @ Cafe OTO, Dalston, London…
The Ex Guitars met Ken Vandermark (reeds) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) and sheer aural pandemonium filled the room until ears and minds were on the verge of popping…
Collaborations with Dutch saxophonist Ab Baars (night one) and London drummer Steve Noble (night two) added deeper layers to the relentless onslaught… swinging from high tension nerve pulling to steam-roller explosions of sound…
See all the photos on our Picasa page…..

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Photos in glorious Techni-Doom…

Part Chimp…. Bong…. Hey Colossus…. Conan…. Hag…. Dethscalator…. Shut….

@ Islington Mill, Manchester 11/6/11

Thank you to MIE Music for forcing so much intensity into one room, and wiring it IV into a huge sound system… the results were brain-splitting… photos of all the bands on our Picasa page….

Choice pics here of Bong (left), Part Chimp (bottom), Hey Colossus (top, with bottom)











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Website in gestation… welcome to Tinnitus Jukebox…


Tinnitus Jukebox are a creative collective who like to see and hear things differently… exploring experimental music, photography, film and documentary…

… video… clips from work in progress, Noise is Sound, a film of the 10th anniversary of Noisefest, Ljubljana, Slovenia… organised by DRMK collective

End of Silence:

The Superusers:


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